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Online donation

Convenient way for those who wishes to help people in need, but is limited in time and money

Not going out from your office or home you can do good things by online transfer

Since 2017, in cooperation with JSC “Digital Management” we launched first opportunity for our friends and partners – transfer of donation contribution using “Pay Box” system via our site. Transfer will be carried out quickly and absolutely safely

Step 1 – fill in payment amount, only numbers

Step 2 – press “I want to help”(“Хочу помочь”)

You choose payment amount and frequency, also you can choose one of Foundation’s projects, or individual or group of individuals for your sponsorship. On your request, we are ready to provide full report about spent money.

Online transfers are a popular way of charitable activities in developed countries, and with the development of card system in Kazakhstan, they are becoming popular in our country too.

People’s gratitude is the highest result of virtue.

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